Dr. Taft's Publications and Presentations

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Patient Education

Taft, TH (April, 2013). IBD & Stigma: Do people living with IBD experience a "Spoiled Identity?" CCFA Patient Education Symposium, Skokie IL.

Taft TH, Horgan S (Nov, 2012). The IBD Patient Experience: Navigating Your Social & Emotional Life with IBD. Oak Park Behavioral Medicine, Oak Park Illinois.

Taft TH, Horgan S (Nov, 2012). Into the E(th)OS: Understanding the Adult EGID Patient Experience. CURED Patient Symposium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Taft TH, Horgan S (Nov, 2012). Caring for Your Child with EGID: Understanding the Role of Caregiver Stress. CURED Patient Symposium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Taft TH (Nov, 2010). Coping with Crohn’s Disease: Emotional aspects of living with IBD. Patient Webcast: Crohn’s Advocate, New York, New York.

Taft TH. (March, 2010). A Day in the Life with IBD. Adolescent Workshop, CCFA Patient Education Symposium, Rosemont, Illinois.

Crook R, Taft TH, Israelski K, Pecora-Kelly C, Nealon-Woods M. (June, 2007). Finding help when a friend or family member has mental health problems. Naomi Ruth Cohen Conference, Evanston Illinois.

Taft TH, Kredow P. (Mar, 2007). Adjustment in the IBD Patient. Nursing Education Conference, CCFA Patient Education Symposium, Rosemont, Illinois.

Taft TH, Kredow P. (Mar, 2007). Your Life Beyond IBD. Children’s Workshop, CCFA Patient Education Symposium, Rosemont, Illinois.

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Health Psychology
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Emotional Eating
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Chronic Nausea
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Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
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